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Wednesday, January 4– The Department of Disaster Management has launched the November 2015 edition of the Disaster Digest magazine under the theme “Evidenced Based Comprehensive Disaster Management: A highlight of Sector Successes.”

This latest edition promotes SMART practices in disaster management, a concept being promoted by the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO).  The concept focuses on the cost-benefit ratio of linking structural and operational safety with green and healthy interventions. The SMART approach has been integrated into the BVI disaster management programme through the 2014-2018 Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy.  It promotes the use of sustainable mitigation, adaptation and resilient techniques throughout all the sectors that function in the BVI.

Director of the DDM Ms Sharleen DaBreo spoke on the importance of documenting the successes of the BVI disaster management programme and stated that the magazine has been in existence for the past 24 years.

Ms DaBreo added, “It is seen as a regional journal that showcases the work of Caribbean disaster management programmes but more specifically it documents the progress being made locally to advance disaster resilience within the various sectors. It is important that we continue to capture these successes so that residents can appreciate the efforts being made to protect lives and property as well as reflect on the investments made by the Government and the people of the BVI over the past 37 years.”

The DDM’s Director further explained that 2015 will be etched in history as the year when the BVI Government receive full accreditation for its disaster management programme.  She said, “the cover of the magazine illustrates the Governor, Premier and Deputy Governor as well as a number of key sector representatives receiving the accreditation certificates and pins.”

Ms DaBreo added, “This achievement is one that the entire BVI should be proud of as it places our disaster management programme among those that are recognized internationally and validates that the programme is in fact meeting internationally accepted standards.”

This edition of the magazine includes 37 articles from 21 contributors and is the largest publication ever produced.  It includes several contributions from regional and international writers such as Dr. Balfour Spence from Brandon University in Canada, Dr. Brian Atwater from the United States Geological Survey and Esther Robertson from the University of Portsmouth as well as organisations such as the Barbados Department of Emergency Management, University of the West Indies, the Caribbean Tsunami Warning Programme and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO).

The Disaster Digest is produced every 2 years and is widely circulated locally, regionally and to a number of international agencies that support disaster management, environmental management and climate change.  The 31 advertisements from local, regional and international entities were used to fully finance the production of the magazine therefore allowing readers to access the publication free of cost.

Persons wishing to obtain copies of the magazine can contact the DDM at 468 4200 or download a free copy from their website at