Applications Invited for the Post of Technical Planning Officer – 2015-06-05

Applications Invited for the Post of Technical Planning Officer – 2015-06-05

June 9, 20152477Views

The Department of Disaster Management is inviting applications for the role of technical Planning Officer.


The successful applicant will assist with the BVI Mitigation and Planning Program ensuring efficient disaster management procedures are in place in case of a national emergency; support sustainable development and planning in the Territory.

1. Liaise with other agencies and organisations in conducting field assessments and utilize GIS software for data collection, analysis and storage to ensure that hazard data is readily available and is used for mitigation planning and prevention, ensuring that such findings are utilised to reduce hazard impact on the built environment.

  1. Promote, design and assist with the implementation of scientific and technical programmes in order to implement and monitor disaster agents and mitigation measures.
  2. Maintain a GIS system, conduct field assessments to corroborate and reinforce the hazard data available, periodically map and interpret census data and information from special surveys and prepare and distribute hazard maps and other materials among agencies to ensure that up to date information is available when required to support sustainable development and planning in the territory.
  3. Undertake hazard vulnerability assessments for development applications submitted to the planning authority for approval, to provide accurate information for planning decisions.
  4. Identify areas such as urban and essential utilities that are vulnerable and need additional information and direction in order for prescribed remedial measures to take to ensure the continued operation in times of emergency or disaster.
  5. When the National Emergency Operations Centre is placed on standby, assume the role of Documentation/ Current Situation Unit Leader in order for effective and efficient disaster management.
  6. Serve on the relevant National Disaster Management Council sub-committees.
  7. Perform any other duties as required by the supervisor or senior officer in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.

A full role profile is available upon request.

1. Manage your time effectively
2. Develop the trust and support of colleagues and stakeholders
3. Plan and implement change
4. Plan the use of resources
5. Obtain information for decision making
6. Manage the recording and storage of information
7. Provide information and advice to others
8. Ensure health and safety requirements are met in the area


  • Normal office environment
  • Fieldwork
  • On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • During emergencies, potential exposure to a number of unpredictable hazards in the field, such as chemical exposure and injuries


  • Bachelor’s degree in Geology, Physical Planning, Civil/Structural/Geological Engineering or related area
  • Three (3) years in the field of GIS related to technical analysis, planning, engineering or environmental science
  • Advanced training in aspects of disaster management, specific to natural science and mitigation and planning as well as project preparation and management and geographic information systems
  • Sound knowledge of the Government structure, policies and procedures
  • Sound knowledge of the relevant computer software including ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst
  • Sound knowledge of technical aspects of physical planning and development planning
  • Sound knowledge of Geographical Information Systems
  • Sound knowledge of the Territory’s planning and environmental acts and regulations, policies as well as the latest concepts and techniques in the natural science field
  • Good supervisory and managerial skills
  • Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills
  • Good analytical and data interpretation skills
  • Sound oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure

Applications should be sent to :

Public service Commissionn

C/O The Department of Human Resources
33 Central Administration Building
Wickham’s Cay 1
Road Town, Tortola VG1110
British Virgin Islands
Email: [email protected]

The deadline for applications is June 19, 2015