BVI Residents Urged To Start Hurricane Preparations Early

BVI Residents Urged To Start Hurricane Preparations Early

May 13, 2020Be Ready 20201463Views
A listing of all the storm names designated for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Territory’s residents are encouraged to ramp up their preparations now in light of the forecast “above average” tropical storm activity for the region, and in keeping with the BVI’s on-going response to COVID-19 as well as the possibility of other hazards.

Department of Disaster Management’s Acting Director Dr. Evangeline Inniss-Springer explained that throughout the region, disaster risk managers are reinforcing the need to work in a constantly changing multi-hazard environment.

Dr. Inniss-Springer said, “We can see this is happening right now with many of our Caribbean brothers and sisters simultaneously needing to respond to earthquakes, drought and a global pandemic. There is a recognition that we all must work to prepare for more than one hazard at once.”

Dr. Inniss-Springer further stated that with its previous work to foster comprehensive disaster management, the Territory should be well-prepared for this new normal.

“Seasonal preparations will need to be adjusted, but for most families and businesses, they will already be taking precautions for COVID-19. Everyone should factor in social distancing and increased sanitisation measures within their usual plans and emergency stocks at home,” she said, adding that being prepared for any type of hazard impact is important.

For advice on how to Be Ready for tropical storms and other hazards, visit, or connect with the department on social media.

For a printer-friendly version of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Storm Names list, click here.