BVI to participate in “Caribe Wave 19” Exercise

BVI to participate in “Caribe Wave 19” Exercise

March 13, 20192130Views

The British Virgin Islands will participate in a simulation exercise to test its earthquake and tsunami response plans. The annual Earthquake and Tsunami Exercise “Caribe Wave 19” will take place tomorrow Thursday, March 14, 2019. 

CARIBE WAVE 19 will provide an opportunity for the Territory to improve the effectiveness of its tsunami warning system while at the same time maintain and promote tsunami preparedness. 

As part of this exercise, the National Emergency Broadcast Alerting Network will be activated and messages will be disseminated via the following:  

· Sirens (for outdoor notification)
· SMS Text Messages (CCT, FLOW and DIGICEL)
· VHF Radio Communication
· RDS SMART Radios
· DDM App
· Facebook (@BVI DDM)
· Local Radio Stations 
· Lotus Notes (Government Users)
· Website (

All exercise messages will begin and end with the words EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.  However, should an actual hazard pose a threat to the BVI during Caribe Wave 19, the exercise will be aborted and all information disseminated to the public on the actual threat will begin and end with ‘NO DUFF’ ‘NO DUFF’ ‘NO DUFF’

No Duff is an internationally accepted code word which is used to indicate that a real incident has occurred during a simulation exercise.