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October 7, 2011The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) recently published its biennial Disaster Digest magazine, which includes a number of issues relevant to the area of Disaster Risk Reduction.

DDM’s Information and Education Manager Mr. Linton Leonard recently presented a copy of the Digest to His Excellency the Governor Boyd McCleary. The Governor was among those interviewed in the magazine and he was able to describe his initial experiences during his first appointment in the Virgin Islands.

In receiving the Digest, the Governor said “I am impressed by the quality and content of the Disaster Digest magazine. It contains topics that are extremely relevant to us in the Virgin Islands.”

He added, “This is a publication for everyone, from homeowners to building professionals, and would be highly recommended for placement within our libraries and for use within our classrooms. I particularly note the number of contributions that have been included by local writers.”

The Director of the DDM, Ms. Sharleen DaBreo, said, “We are all quite pleased by the direction the magazine has taken, as it has now become a journal for students, as well as local, regional and international practitioners in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction.”

“The magazine was funded through sponsorship received from local and regional businesses. It provides an opportunity for these businesses to showcase their services throughout the region,” she stated.

Since October 19, 1991, the DDM has been producing this magazine which was first titled “Disaster News”. The December 2009 edition was the first to include articles written by regional and international Disaster Management Practitioners. This year’s magazine is focused on best practices in Disaster Risk Reduction and includes some 22 articles submitted by authors from across our region and from within the international Disaster Management community.

This magazine serves not only to promote the work of the DDM, but to provide a reoccurring publication that documents and consolidates the many projects and activities taking place within the Caribbean Region. 

The Director went on to say “This magazine is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean, and has once again been enthusiastically received by its readers. The DDM is privileged to have on board an extremely bright and talented communications specialist in the person of Linton Leonard, who has advanced the area of Public Information and Education to allow for tools to be available for all sectors and target groups.”

The magazine is free of charge and is currently being distributed throughout the Virgin Islands. It will also be available on the DDM’s website ( for download. Copies can also be obtained from the Department’s offices in McNamara.

The DDM encourages persons to obtain a copy and to secure it for future reference in this ever changing environmental and anthropological landscape.