March 2, 20101423Views

Wednesday, March 2 The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) officially received a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Database on Monday designed by Sage Consultancy Services, a local company.

The Database is designed to incorporate the Results Based Management (RBM) framework on which the Virgin Islands Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) strategy is based. It comprises the technological tool to capture data and manage information and offers clear articulation of the internal processes required to institutionalise and sustain the system.

Director of the DDM Ms. Sharleen DaBreo said, “One of the most important aspects of the Database is that it will link critical departmental processes and work-flows such as the Government’s Performance Management Programme (PMP), which will allow individual performance appraisals to be assessed far more easily and accurately.”

She added that the system will specifically provide a mechanism for assessing DDM’s performance against targets established under the VI CDM Strategy 2009-2013. It will also allow for the outcome statements in the strategy to be linked to National Policy statements and legislation such as the Disaster Management Act 2003. The Director expressed her enthusiasm and appreciation to Sage Consultancy Services for developing such an innovative system that will accommodate management tasks and responsibilities. One of the key deliverables of such a system is to allow for transparent accounting of the Department’s mandate and to ensure speedy and accurate delivery of reports to stakeholders.

In his presentation to the DDM, Mr. Joseph Smith Abbott of Sage Consultancy Services said, “The strength of the ability to build a system of this nature really comes from an understanding of what they do, how they do it and how they are required to deliver it.  I was able to fully appreciate the scope of their work and to develop a system tailored for their specific needs.”

The Database was installed with the support of the Department of Information Technology (DoIT).