First Responders Complete VHF Radio Course

First Responders Complete VHF Radio Course

August 2, 20191293Views

Eighteen persons have now completed the first in a series of VHF Radio Courses planned for 2019.

The VHF Radio Operators certificate course is offered annually by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) and is a comprehensive course covering radio communications technology, safety equipment, land mobile radio operation, and practices for use during emergencies as well as day-to-day operations by a number of emergency response agencies.

Emergency Communications Manager, Jasen Penn explained that with the re-establishment of the Territorial emergency communications network, persons now need to be re-trained to use the new radios and to be more aware of how to operate them safely.

Mr. Penn said, “Technology is changing rapidly and radios are coming with new features.  We want users to know how to properly operate and care for the radios, and to use the appropriate phraseology when communicating with each other on the VHF network.”

The department has several courses scheduled for this year, and plans are in place to offer for more training once every year.

“We were overwhelmed by the interest and the requests for participation in the course. As such, we have scheduled courses for the Border Security Agencies from 14 -15 August; for the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force the course will take place from 20 -23 August; and for the general public from 27 – 28 August. We want to accommodate as many people as we can,” Mr. Penn added.The officials at the DDM have been working with a number of individuals and organisations to assist in bringing their networks back on line to expand the emergency communications system.

The VHF Radio Course is offered free of charge and includes the following topics: Introduction to VHF radios; radio theory; line of sight communications; common radio terms; regulations/licensing requirements; types of VHF radio equipment; radio procedures; transmitting and receiving; the phonetic alphabet and emergency radio communications.

Persons wishing to participate in the training can register by contacting the DDM training Manager, Ms. Carishma Hicks at 468-4200 or email [email protected].