November 6, 20101307Views

6TH  November  2010-5AM- Hurricane Tomas has been
downgraded to a Tropical Storm as it passes the Turks and Caicos Islands.  The center of tropical storm Tomas was
located near latitude 21.9 north longitude 71.3 west; Tomas is moving toward
the northeast near 15 mph. A northeastward motion with a decrease in forward
speed is expected for the next day or so. 
The center of Tomas will gradually be moving away from the Turks and Caicos
Islands this morning.


Tomas is forecast to turn to the right and arrive a little over 500 miles
north of San Juan on Tuesday morning. During this time Tomas is expected to pull
a large amount of moisture across and the Virgin Islands. Rain bands converging
into the center of Tomas will cross through Puerto Rico now, through Monday and
through the Virgin Islands Sunday and Monday with some rain coming on Saturday.
Another band of rain may cross through the area on Tuesday as well as the
trough hanging south from Tomas continues to linger over the area. During the watch
amounts of 12 or more is possible. In addition, 8 inches or more are possible
as the rain bands pass over the Virgin Islands.


A flash flood watch means that
conditions are favorable for heavy rain across the watch area which may lead to
flooding. If you are in the watch area check your preparedness requirements
especially if you have interests in low lying areas. Keep informed and be ready
for quick action if flooding is observed or if a flash flood warning is issued.  People in the watch area should continue to
be aware of the possibility for heavy rainfall. Avoid low lying areas and be
careful when approaching roadways that appear to be flooded. The heavy rain
could also cause mudslides in areas of steep terrain.



Disclaimer: The Department of Disaster
Management (DDM) is not an official Meteorological Office. The Information
disseminated by the Department is gathered from a number of professional
sources used or contracted by the DDM to provide such information. This
information is to be used as a guide by anyone who has interest in local
weather conditions. By no means can the DDM or the BVI Government be held
accountable by anyone who uses this information appropriately for legal
evidence or in justification of any decision which may result in the loss of
finances, property or life.