Forecasters Now Predict “Approximately Average” Hurricane Season

Forecasters Now Predict “Approximately Average” Hurricane Season

June 4, 20191338Views

The latest forecast for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season warns the region to expect for an “approximately average” season. Published by the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project, the June 4 forecast report is slightly upgraded from the April document.

The report anticipates a “near average probability” of a storm making landfall in the Caribbean, and predicts the region will see 13 named storms, of which five may have the potential to develop into major storms of Category 3 or stronger intensity.

This updated forecast should serve as a reminder to all to finalise their seasonal preparations now and remain ready throughout the next six months of the year, said Department of Disaster Management Director Sharleen DaBreo, MBE.

“We all know that life gets more hectic when we are watching a storm approach. We strongly encourage everyone to check on their emergency kits and review other preparedness measures early so that they can identify any additional items or repairs that may be needed now,” she said.

The DDM will be sharing tips throughout this month to help families and businesses Be Ready for the season ahead. The preparedness tips can be accessed on this site or via the Department’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.