Good morning and greetings to all.

I’m grateful to report that Tropical Storm Isaias, which we had been following as Invest 92 and then Potential Tropical Cyclone 9, has passed the Territory without reports of major damage.

At 5am, the system was approximately 230 miles southwest of the Virgin Islands. Because showers and squally conditions associated with the outer bands of Isaias may continue into today, we remain under Tropical Storm Warning. Still, at this point I feel comfortable in saying that as we had hoped and prayed, we’ve been spared by this particular system.

With all that in mind, I am issuing an all-clear and standing down the NEOC effective 5:30am.

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to those of you who helped the Territory prepare for this system. In the public service, there was diligent work to ensure that all arrangements were in order ahead of time and that equipment was positioned to respond if needed. There was also admirable adherence to the instructions laid out by the Deputy Governor to ensure that public assets would be protected and public officers would not be out in potentially hazardous conditions.

The National Emergency Operations Centre operated smoothly, with regular updates from the operations team to ensure the availability of a rapid response in case it became needed. In the community, service organisations and community groups looked after the most vulnerable among us. And across the entire Territory, residents did what they needed to do to protect their homes, businesses and families.

In short, we worked together to Be Ready.

As we return to our offices and job sites today, we should all be take extra care in case of any debris in the road and as teams from Public Works carry out any needed clearing. Moving into the peak of the hurricane season, I would urge everyone to continue to monitor conditions. All indications are that the season will continue to be an active one. Please stay safe and take care.

Thank you.