August 20, 2020916Views

Good morning to all.

For the last several days, many on these islands have followed the progress of tropical disturbances taking shape in the Atlantic.

Government has remained vigilant, working with our partners at the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Service to track what we are now calling Tropical Depression 13, located less than 1,000 miles east-southeast of the Virgin Islands.
While still classified as a depression at the moment, this system is expected to develop into a tropical storm soon. If it continues on its current track and speed, the British Virgin Islands may begin to feel the effects of this system late Friday. Forecasters may place the Territory on Storm Watch today.

Given all of that, I urge all of us in the BVI to pay very close attention to this system, and bear in mind that watches and warnings may be issued at short notice. If you have been putting off any final preparations at home or your business, now is the time to complete them.

In the coming days and for the rest of the season, please continue to be vigilant, both in your monitoring of the weather conditions; and in maintaining your safe physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and other protective measures as we work to prevent COVID-19 from spreading on our shores.

I recognise that this heightened vigilance may be taking a toll on our collective spirit and mental health. Please, as you are looking after your properties and families, make sure to do what you can to rebuild your mental and spiritual strength wherever possible.

This is truly an unprecedented hurricane season, and while we cannot predict exactly what it will bring, we can strive to work together to #BeReady.

Continue to stay safe and take care.
Thank you.