How to Participate in Caribe Wave 2022

How to Participate in Caribe Wave 2022

March 5, 2022587Views

Participating in Caribe Wave is free and simple! Just follow these seven steps:

  1. Register at
  2. On exercise day, March 10, 2022, the Department of Disaster Management will trigger the National Early Warning and Multi-hazard Alert System, which means that sirens, radio notifications, SMS messages and our DDM app will notify the public of the test.
  3. When you hear the alert, react as you normally would during an earthquake: Drop, Cover and Hold On.
  4. After one minute, proceed to your tsunami assembly point. Conduct safety checks as you would during a real emergency.
  5. Practice conducting a damage check when you get back to your home, school, or office.
  6. Reflect on what you’ve learned and incorporate that into your updated emergency plans and procedures. Share feedback on how it went at
  7. Finally, we’d love to see your photos and videos on social media, so please share them and tag @BVIDDM or use the hashtag #CaribeWaveBVI