April 11, 20191431Views

A total of 86 persons have been approved for support from the Disaster Fund as a result of impacts from the floods of 2017.

The flood events of 2017 produced a total of 14.78 inches of rain in 17 hours causing a number of homes to be impacted and resulted in persons losing possessions.  The total damage cost amounted to over $7.6 million dollars.  In total, the Department of Disaster Management received 253 claims for compensation.

Chairman of the Emergency Disaster Fund, Mr. Glenroy A. Forbes said, “The policy for disaster assistance and financial compensation following major emergencies or disasters allows for persons who have been affected to receive compensation in the form of food relief; shelter or emergency accommodation; material or equipment for persons within the fisheries or agriculture sectors; medical assistance and financial grants.” 

A number of Non-Governmental Organisations partnered with the Government to offer support in the form of food, replacement of essential appliances, furnishing, and clothing.  As the claims were assessed some applicants were considered for financial grants to assist them in recouping the expenses incurred during their recovery process.

“This process took some time as persons had to be located, especially those who had been displaced and information on their claims had to be verified.  However, I can confirm that the process was followed in keeping with the policy and persons are now receiving grants,” Mr. Forbes said.

The compensation provided by the Government is one off payments that serves to assist persons in meeting their basic needs.  Persons are required to assess their living conditions and make every effort to reduce their risk and to demonstrate such if they are to be eligible for future claims. The Emergency Disaster Fund was established through the Disaster Management Act, 2003 and is applied towards recovery efforts and the adoption and promotion of preventative measures before, during and after a disaster or emergency.