November 29, 20121386Views

The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) in
conjunction with the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Services (VIFRS) continues
to implement a Fire Safety Programme which seeks to ensure that all Government
agencies are adequately prepared for and are able to respond to small localised
fire incidents while on the job.

 A Fire Suppression training was held yesterday at
the offices of the DDM that guided participants through the theoretical and
practical components of fire safety.

 This valuable training session exposed participants
to the primary causes of fire in the workplace, how they could be prevented or
extinguished, and being able to easily locate and operate fire extinguishers.
In addition, attendees learned to periodically inspect and recharge
extinguishers to ensure that they would work when needed.

 Participants also engaged in sessions that covered
types of extinguishers, maintenances of these devices, how to carry them safely
and how they are applied to fires. 

 VIFRS Sub Officer Geraldo Barry facilitated the
session and in speaking with DDM he said, “The participants are expected to
have a full understanding of how to effectively suppress an incipient fire with
a portable extinguisher and gain confidence in using an extinguisher in an

successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to
demonstrate a basic knowledge of fire behaviour, fire suppression and safety
procedures,” he said.

 He further stated, “All successful candidates will
receive a Fire Suppression certificate which will indicate that they have
completed the basic fire suppression certification requirements in a
step-by-step format.”

 The Public Officers benefitting from this very
important workshop came from the Premier’s Office, Department of Information
and Public Relations, High Court Registry, Ministry of Communications and
Works, Department of Public Prosecutor’s (DPP), Royal Virgin Islands Police
Force (RVIPF) and the Post Office.

 Among the Public Officers were two teachers from the
Simmonds Pre-School who became interested in the session while attending First
Aid and CPR training for teachers that was held over the weekend.

 The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is
continuing its efforts to promote disaster preparedness and safety throughout
the Public Service.