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Good morning all, I know it is a very trying time as we are all dealing with the impacts from the passage of the tropical wave and some of us are stilll facing challenges brought on by the flooding and landslides. I would like to assure you that every effort is being made to expedite recovery efforts across the Territory.

The teams from Water and Sewerage, Public Works Department, BVI Electricity Corporation and Telecommunications providers have been working consistently to rectify outstanding issues.

Presently utility services have been restored to some persons throughout the Territory and the restoration efforts continue.

I understand that some persons require assistance to clear debris and fallen structures which have blocked door ways and path ways around their properties; this assistance will be provided. As you can imagine resources are stretched and may take some time before crews can be deployed to provide support. So in the meantime, I enourage you to assist your neighbours and those in your immediate communities to begin to clean up your surroundings until additional assistance can be provided.

Our crews must clear the main roadways first, then they can proceed to work on the feeder roads.    For this reason, I continue to emphasize the need for persons to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary for you to move and please exercise extreme caution.

The additional vehicular traffic on the roads are creating a challenge for the Public Works Crews so we ask for your corporation as we work together to restore the roads.

Looking ahead over the next couple of hours into the weekend, information received from weather forecasters predict possible rainfall today (Wednesday), Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The rains predicted for Thursday to Saturday have been attributed to another topical wave in the area which will increase the possibility of showers and thunderstorms across the area.

I therefore continue to reiterate the need for all persons to be ready.

Assessments are also being undertaken across the Territory so that we can have a true picture of the extent of the damage caused by the passage of the recent weather system.

Heads of Government departments and school Principals are asked to assess the conditions of offices and schools and to begin any clean up operations that may be required to allow for Government Offices to be reopened tomorrow.

Information from the recovery efforts, damage assessments and weather outlook for the rest of the week are being reviewed and a definitve decision will be made on whether or not normal working hours will resume on Thursday.

Let us continue to be vigilant, heed the warnings and do all we can to stay safe.

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