Results Of Road Town Hydrology Study Made Public

Results Of Road Town Hydrology Study Made Public

May 16, 20182232Views

The Territory’s residents now have knowledge on how to secure life and property in high-risk flood areas after the results of a hydrology study of Road Town was made public.

As part of ‘Flood Protection Awareness Week’ observed in the Territory last week, the Government’s hydrology team shared information on how to reduce flood risks, based on the data gathered from the hydrology study with students, businesses and other members of the community.

Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, Mr. Jeremy Hodge said the week was an opportunity for the Government to share, with the community, its findings on best ways to secure life and property, but more importantly to build a relationship that will foster a partnership between Government and community to mitigate flood risk.  He added this is in essence what the theme means by, ‘rebuilding a flood resilient community together’.”

Mr. Hodge stated that the hydrology and flood risk reduction studies have been ongoing since summer of 2017, and is near completion. The findings, he added, gives the technocrats detailed understanding of the causes of flooding in Road Town and the risks it poses.

The Deputy Secretary said as a result of this information, recommendations have now been brought forward to reduce the risk of flooding including a comprehensive programme on how to clear ghuts and drains.

He said the Public Works Department has already been mobilised and is conducting remedial works to clear drains; and that substantial works in the areas of most severe flooding, recommendations for protecting and reducing risk and damage to our infrastructure, residence, business, homes, properties from flooding is underway.

The hydrology study also serves as a guide for the Government to rebuild the road infrastructure as experts will be aware of the high-risk areas as a result of the detailed mapping system. The experts will also be able to offer guidance on design suitability for drains and other related systems to mitigate the chances of flooding.

Collaboration on this initiative was done by government agencies including the Ministry of Communications and Works, Department of Disaster Management and the Ministry of Finance’s Project’s Unit.

The Government of the Virgin Islands remains committed to building the BVI Stronger, Smarter, Greener, Better and more resilient.