Sahara Dust Advisory

Sahara Dust Advisory

June 1, 2023208Views

There is another plume of Sahara Dust that is currently impacting the Caribbean. The Virgin Islands is predicted to be impacted by the dust late Friday night going in to the weekend.  For this reason we are asking persons outdoors to exercise caution.

Individuals with seasonal allergies may encounter symptoms such as runny nose, soar throat and itchy eyes. (Dr. C. Corry professor at Baylor College of Medicine). Persons with respiratory conditions such asthma should also be cautions while outdoors as the dust can impact your breathing negatively.

Here are a few tips to consider :

  • Spend more times indoors when dust levels are high.
  • Choose easier outdoor activities so as to reduce heavy breathing.
  • Wear a mask to prevent excess inhalation of dust.
  • Persons with respiratory conditions such as asthma ensure that you have your inhaler.


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