Statement by Premier Fahie On Tropical Storm Elsa

Statement by Premier Fahie On Tropical Storm Elsa

Good day and GOD’s blessings to all in the Virgin Islands.

This morning, July 1, 2021, the fifth named storm of the year, Tropical Storm Elsa, formed east of the Caribbean.

The best models indicate that the centre of Elsa will pass south of the BVI Friday evening, which means that we should expect the possibility of some wind and rain associated with the outer portions of the system on Friday and Saturday.

I ask all of the people of the Virgin Islands to remain vigilant and be watchful in the coming days so that we are ready and stay ready if Tropical Storm Elsa takes a different course.

Let us continue to come together in BVILOVE to check on neighbours and members of your extended family who may need some assistance as they do their preparations for the hurricane season. You can assist with simple actions like assembling emergency supplies; clearing debris and securing or removing bulky items around a property; or clearing the gutters to reduce the risk of leaks, which are difficult tasks for some in our community. Small acts of service may go a long way to protect our elders, our single mothers, and other vulnerable persons.

Government agencies will continue to do their part to help reduce risks as well. We continue to recognise that it is incumbent on us as a Government – on all of us, to be diligent and continue to work to be ready for storms and other hazards.

We are still at the early stages of what is expected to be an active hurricane season. I encourage each and every one of us to continue to keep the Faith, and also to take action to be prepared and resilient Territory.

I thank you, and may God continue to bless these beautiful Virgin Islands.