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1st September 2010At 8AM Tropical Storm Fiona is located near 18.2N/60.9W, or
about 70 miles northeast of Barbuda in the northern Leeward Islands. The
maximum sustained winds have increased to 60 mph. Movement is to the
west-northwest at 15 mph. Additional strengthening is expected but forecasters agree
that Fiona will remain a tropical storm as it skirts the northeastern Caribbean
Sea later today.

Fiona should begin a turn to the northwest within the next few hours. This
motion will continue into Thursday morning. Then Fiona should turn to the north
and eventually dissipate under hostile conditions on Friday. This however
depends on Fiona’s interaction with Earl.

Little change in intensity is expected during the day, with weakening once
Fiona moves clear of the Leeward Islands, due to the outflow from Hurricane

Squalls are expected to arrive over the Leeward Islands today and into
tomorrow. Periods of heavy rainfall are likely throughout the day and tonight
as Fiona moves clear of the Territory. Tropical storm force wind gusts are also
likely for the northern Leeward Islands.

The DDM will continue to monitor the system and provide weather releases as
necessary. Please visit the Department of Disaster Management’s website at for continuously updated



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