November 17, 20172017Views

17th November 2017 – A frontal trough across Hispaniola with an associated low pressure center will continue to produce cloudy spells, showers and a low chance of thunderstorms across the British Virgin Islands. There is a possibility that this low may drift to the north-northeast by early next week. Some slow tropical development is possible with the disturbed area over the weekend however, forecasters think strong wind shear will limit any development. The shear is also forecast to weaken and dissipate the Low just after 72 hours. There remains a low (20%) risk of tropical cyclone formation during the next 72 hours and a low (10%) risk after 72 hours.

Possible rainfall total for the forecast period is 10 to 25 mm or 0.40 to 1.00 inch; hence minor flooding is possible. There is a sixty percent chance of moderate showers tonight and occasional cloudy conditions with showers and a low chance of thunderstorms tomorrow.

With the soils in the Territory already saturated, additional rainfall can cause ponding on roads, extreme hillside water run-off, increased mudslides and falling rocks.

Residents are urged to exercise caution while driving and pay close attention to undermined sections of roads.

Do not attempt to drive in fast moving water and caution should be exercised while driving across roads that are not visible due to flooding.

Residents are also urged to exercise caution driving across ponded roads as holes that are not visible may be deep and can cause damage to vehicles or injury.

The Department of Disaster Management will continue to monitor the weather conditions and provide updates when necessary.

Please continue to monitor local media stations, DDM’s website at and Facebook at BVIDDM for regular updates.

Disclaimer: The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is not an official Meteorological Office. The Information disseminated by the Department is gathered from a number of professional sources used or contracted by the DDM to provide such information. This information is to be used as a guide by anyone who has interest in local weather conditions. By no means can the DDM or the BVI Government be held accountable by anyone who uses this information appropriately for legal evidence or in justification of any decision which may result in the loss of finances, property or life.