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An area of low pressure
located 12.0N/48.9W or about 810 miles east of Saint Lucia has become better
defined with movement toward the West at 18mph. 

The environmental
conditions of this system are conducive for tropical cyclone formation causing
it to slowly becoming better organized. According to Forecasters this low pressure
system could become a tropical depression or possibly a Tropical Storm within
the next 24 hours, possibly as early as tonight. There is a 75 percent chance of
this system becoming a Tropical Cyclone during the next 48 hours and the
of it developing beyond 48 hours is 80 percent.

Recent satellite imagery indicates that the center of the
disturbance has reformed a little to the north and has become much better
organized. Thunderstorms are increasing near the center, and a low-level
circulation is becoming increasingly more evident on satellite loops. A
reconnaissance plane is scheduled to investigate the disturbance tomorrow

Forecast takes the disturbance into the islands of the Eastern
Caribbean just to the south of St. Lucia early on Friday afternoon, probably as
a tropical storm with sustained winds of 40-50 mph. Beyond Friday, a west to
west-northwest track should continue through early next week. By next Monday
afternoon, the system is expected to be located to the south of Jamaica. By
next Wednesday night, the system could be approaching the Yucatan Peninsula.

While it is not expected that the disturbance will become a
hurricane in the Eastern Caribbean, there is a chance that if it survives to
reach the Western Caribbean next week that it could become a hurricane at that

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