Thursday, July 26 – A new Disaster Emergency Notification App developed exclusively for the British Virgin Islands was launched earlier today June 27.

The app which is called the “BVI DDM Alert” was officially launched by the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) in collaboration with Digicel at the telecommunications company’s Offices with a number of key persons present to commemorate the significance of the event.

Director of DDM Ms. Sharleen DaBreo, MBE spoke about the importance of the app, stating that it would be a benefit to all residents of the Territory in the event of hazards affecting the Territory.

Ms. DaBreo said, “The DDM is very pleased to partner with Digicel to create this very innovative system that allows cell phone users to immediately access critical information. The app serves as an important part of the Territory’s early warning system and is another means of allowing us to reach the masses.”

The Director of the DDM added, “With great determination and responsibility we at DDM have taken it upon ourselves to embark on creating an app that would be beneficial not only for us but for the Territory on a whole. There is opportunity for the app to be used by the wider government departments and agencies.”

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Communication and Works, Mr. Jeremy Hodge shared his enthusiasm on the launching of this app and how important technology has become.

“I know that Irma and her aftermath is still fresh in our minds, and therefore has heightened the importance of finding innovative ways of keeping our residents informed of any threatening weather or other hazardous occurrences on the ground; I am happy today that we are formally introducing an app that will have the capability to keep our public informed. Information via smart devices is definitely heading in the right direction”, Mr. Hodge stated.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Operator, Digicel (BVI) Mr. Kevin Gordon, affirmed his company’s ongoing commitment to the Territory in building back better, by using technology for the benefit of all.

He said, “The BVI DDM app is effectively a real-time push notification tool, that will make it easier for users in the BVI and worldwide to receive critical information directly from the DDM.”

Mr. Gordon also told the gathering at the launch that the easy-to-use app, which is free to download for Android and iOS smartphone users is further proof of Digicel’s commitment to the BVI by using its resources to build a new emergency alert system that can be a part of the Territory’s emergency alert and notification system.

The BVI DDM app will be solely managed by the Department of Disaster Management and is readily available on the Google Play Store for download. For iOS users, the app will be made available for download on August 10.

The Department of Disaster Management and Digicel encourages all residents to download this app so that the Territory can become more readily prepared for any emergencies and disasters.

The public is encouraged to share their views on the usability of the app via email at [email protected].