Hazard & Risk Assessment Project 1997including storm surge, wind hazards, liquefaction potential by Aedan Earle

Capability Assessment for BVI Fire & Rescue 2000 by Jeff Hartle

Capability Assessment Readiness Study of DDM – 2003

Institutional Development of the Environment Health Division 2003 by– Raymond Reid & Peter Carr

Vulnerability Assessment of Emergency Shelters 1994 revised 2003 by McLloyd Walters

Report on November Floods 2003 includes reports on Impact of rains on hill slopes, embankments, rock ruts and ghuts by Dr. James Joyce

Assessment of Damage Roads & Drainage Issues by Dr. Vincent Cooper

Damage Assessment to Main Road Network 2003 by Raymond Charles

Assessment of Environmental Health Needs by Tony Meza

GIS Natural Hazards Risk Assessment Critical Facilities 2003 by Dr. Simon R. Young

Assessment Status and Needs for Scientific Monitoring of Natural Hazards 2003 by Dr. Simon Young

Poverty Study by Ministry of Health

A Review of the Building Review Process by Tony Gibbs

Post Hurricane Hugo Assessment 1990 by PAHO

The Capability and Arrangement for Disaster Preparedness Mitigation and Post Impact Recovery in the Independent Territories 2000 by Ian Davis

Diagnostic Study for Dipecho Action Plan for central America and the Caribbean 1997

Study if Disaster Management Capability in UK and Caribbean Overseas Territories by DIFID

Hurricane & Tropical Storms (1886–1999) that Affected The BVI by Arthur Swain 2003

A Mitigation Development Planning framework by DDM Staff

Sensitivity of Coastal Environmental and Wildlife to Spill Oil

US and British Virgin Islands 2000 by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Environment Protection Agency, United States Coast Guard, US Virgin Islands department of Planning and Natural resources, BVI Conservation & Fisheries dept, United States Department of the Interior

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Hugo Report 1990 by DDM

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Report on Hurricane Bertha 1996 by DDM

Report on Hurricane Georges 1998 by DDM

Report on Hurricane Lenny 1999 by DDM

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Utilising Geographic Information System for Risk Assessment of Hazardous Material Locations 2003 by Shontelle Willington

Virgin Islands Draft Planning Unit 1997

National Integrated Development Plan

Beef Island Airport Development Project