Premier’s Message on the Approach of Tropical Storm Grace

Premier’s Message on the Approach of Tropical Storm Grace

August 14, 2021727Views

Good day and GOD’s blessings to you all.

Yesterday, I shared with you that there was a tropical system developing in the Virgin Islands. Today, I have been advised by the Department of Disaster Management team that this system has developed further and is now Tropical Storm Grace. I thank the team for their continued briefing, which allows both the Governor and I, as Chair and Co-Chair of the National Emergency Operations Centre, respectively, to keep you abreast of what is happening as we continue to monitor the system.

While all the current forecast reports suggest that Grace is not expected to bring a significant impact at this point, we all need to continue to ‘Be Ready’ in case the system strengthens or changes course overnight.

As the Governor has announced, the NEOC is operating at a Level One or a monitoring phase. This means that the Virgin Islands remain on Tropical Storm Warning.

Rest assured that your Government has been proactive when it comes to this system. For example, the teams at Public Works, Waste Management, the BVI Electricity Corporation, and elsewhere have all carried out checks to secure their equipment. Tomorrow, our seaports will be closed due to expected rough sea conditions.

As I said yesterday, we anticipate that this system may bring tropical storm conditions to our shores beginning tomorrow morning.

As always, your Government urges you to calmly ‘be ready and stay ready’ as this system approaches. We encourage you to follow the facts from reliable sources like our own Department of Disaster Management.

By now you will have completed all your last-minute preparedness measures. What remains now is for all of us to avoid putting ourselves in harm’s way by travelling unnecessarily tomorrow. At this time, if you can, do check on your neighbours and any vulnerable persons in your community, and avoid being out on the road tomorrow unnecessarily.

I always ask my people to do something together in BVILOVE. This evening, I ask that you lift up our brothers and sisters in Haiti, who may yet have to face Tropical Storm Grace even after the very serious earthquake they experienced just this morning.

Thank you, and may GOD continue to protect His people, and may He bless the Virgin Islands so that we remain safe.

Thank you, and let us remain vigilant.