November 5, 20154600Views

The atmosphere over the Northeastern Caribbean is becoming progressively unstable as a mid to upper level low lingers over the area. The instability and moisture in the atmosphere are likely to peak on Saturday when a westward moving tropical wave enters the area. Around this time, heavy showers and thunderstorms are anticipated.
On Saturday evening into Monday, the bulk of the thunderstorm and shower activity will shift west into the British Virgin Islands but some remnant moisture and instability in the atmosphere over the Leeward Islands could still trigger some showers and thunderstorms.
Winds: An easterly windflow will prevail for the next two days with speeds reaching near 20mph at times with higher gusts. However, on Sunday through to Monday, the flow will veer to the east-southeast with speeds peaking at 17mph.
Seas: Locally rough seas are expected for the next three days. Waves will peak to near
8 feet and hence small craft warnings will be in effect. However, on Monday, the sea heights are anticipated to drop to about 5 feet on average.
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