A Statement By Acting Governor, David D. Archer Jr. Update On Cox Heath Fire Thursday 10th May, 2018

A Statement By Acting Governor, David D. Archer Jr. Update On Cox Heath Fire Thursday 10th May, 2018

May 10, 20184159Views
Today we convened a meeting of the National Emergency Operations Centre in response to the fire incident at Cox Heath. I met with local emergency response officials as well as the Chief Fire Officer from the USVI in relation to the response and containment of the fire.
At this time, I am pleased to report that a plan has been implemented to control and contain the fire. Fire officials have advised that we expect the core flames to be extinguished within 3 – 5 days. An update will be provided on the status of the area within one week.
We also discussed future plans of the site to be led by the Ministry of Health and Social Development to include removal of metals and remaining debris and the subsequent closure of the site.
Health Officials will continue to visit residents in the area to discuss any health-related concerns.
All waste should now be taken to the Pockwood Pond facility and residents are reminded to refrain from dumping bulky waste in any unauthorized locations.
I wish to thank the Premier for reaching out to Acting Governor Potter of the USVI and the Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Oral Wheatley and his team for their response to our call. I also want to thank our local Fire Chief, Mr. Zebalon McLean and his team for their commitment and dedication to containing this fire as well as the Ministry of Communications and Works, Public Works, Water and Sewerage, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Waste Management and BVI Airports Authority for their support and all others who provided support.
Continue to monitor local media for updates and additional information as this situation continues to evolve. If you have any questions or concerns you can email [email protected].
The NEOC will remain under a Level 2 activation until we are satisfied that the risks have been significantly reduced.
We thank the public for your cooperation as we work together to address this emergency situation.
NEOC Level Two Activation – Single localized hazard impacting a large area or a number of people. Secondary hazards or spread of impact zone unlikely. The impact will be confined to the affected area. Some disruption of normal routine/life is likely. Primary agency and several others, involved at the scene operating under Incident Command System (ICS).