July 6, 20101536Views

Tuesday, July 6 – On Saturday, July 3, 14 participants convened at the DDM’s conference room in McNamara. The workshop was facilitated by the DDM staff and presented by Deputy Director Zebalon McLean.

          The Department of Disaster Management hosted its latest ‘Shelters and Shelter Management Workshop’ last weekend.

          The attendees were apprised of the work of DDM and given an overview of the field of Disaster Management. Following this introductory session, they were provided with in-depth insights into the BVI National Disaster Management Programme and the BVI Shelter Management Programme. Participants who had prior training and experience in Shelter Management received refreshers ad updated information on the subject. For many others, this was a new experience, and they had the chance to learn and to clear up previous misconceptions.

          Deputy Director McLean said “Volunteerism is a vital cog in any process that requires the input of manpower and skills, especially in circumstances where there is ownership. The emergency response organisations and the coordinating agencies have their mandates, but the people within the society were the responders long before formal organisations were put in place. DDM continues to provide training that will enhance the skills and proficiency of both volunteers and public officials with this and other workshops.”

          The participants represented various sectors such as social work, emergency response, public infrastructure, education, financial services, the medical profession, corporate trust and the self employed.