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Thursday, March 21 The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is advising all homeowners and developers that an improved version of the Handbook for Homeowners and Developers in the Virgin Islands is now available for free download on their website at under the link titled “Publications”.

Information and Education Manager, Mr. Linton Leonard said, “The Handbook was designed to provide a practical guide for those initiating or assisting in projects to construct, maintain, alter or extend a building in the Virgin Islands, taking into account local laws and regulations.”

He further said, “The 2012 version of the Handbook provides new, existing and prospective homeowners and developers with tips on buying, building and maintaining their home or property. The content of the Handbook was improved to include specific details on Climate Change.”

Even though the Caribbean region contributes very little greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, compared to industrialized nations; this will not lessen the impacts experienced by the region nor will it reduce the economic hardship that can result from global temperature change. Residents of the Virgin Islands need to do what they can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and one way of doing that is to keep the natural environment in mind when planning a new structure. It is important for homeowners and developers to include features and use techniques that will result in reduced reliance on fossil-fuel based energy and incorporate renewable energy and efficient appliances/fixtures as much possible.

Mr. Leonard explained, “By designing and operating environmentally friendly buildings, not only will we reduce our contribution to climate change, but we can benefit financially from a structure that is more energy-efficient and sustainable.”

The handbook is designed to guide developers in the building process and inform them of ways to ensure that they have a safe building that they could enjoy for a lifetime. The handbook includes input from the various public and private agencies that are involved in the development process.


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