Head of UNDRR’s message on International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2023

Head of UNDRR’s message on International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2023

October 13, 2023277Views

Message by Mami Mizutori, Head of the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction on International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction


Ninety percent of climate-related deaths occur in poorer countries. Even in wealthier countries, the majority of disaster victims are the poorest and those already facing social and economic inequality.

In the shocking findings of our disability survey, launched today, 84% of persons with disabilities feel they are unprepared to respond in the event of a disaster.

Inequality, in all its forms, is a major driver of disaster risk. That is because poverty and inequality create the conditions that force communities to live in hazardous areas, with weak infrastructure and housing. Inequality inhibits access to information, services and warnings.

And after a disaster, it takes vulnerable communities much longer to recover and people are often driven further into poverty. We must break this cycle of inequality, disaster, repeat.

On the 2023 International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction we say: “No more”. No more inequality. No more leaving people behind. No more climate injustice. No one is safe from the threat of disasters, until everyone is safe.

This means countries must urgently prioritise the roll out of inclusive, multi-hazard early warning systems so that everyone, regardless of where they are, is protected and prepared.

 It also means adequately funding disaster risk reduction, whether that is through international assistance, public or private investment, and prioritising developing countries to help them avoid disasters.

By supporting the poorest and most vulnerable countries and taking care of the most at-risk within all countries, we can ensure no one is left behind and empower people to prosper with equality and resilience.

With the right decisions and actions now, we can protect every life from disasters.

We can and we must.

Thank you.