Message by Premier Wheatley on Hurricane Tammy

Message by Premier Wheatley on Hurricane Tammy

October 22, 2023230Views

Good day to all in the Virgin Islands.

By now you will all have heard that we are no longer undera Tropical Storm Watch. Hurricane Tammy did not strengthen or shift toward us as we feared, which is a blessing and we thank God for His mercies.

While the centre of the storm has passed, the danger may not have. Feeder bands far from the centre of Hurricane Tammy may bring disturbed weather to the Virgin Islands throughout this week. The Department of Disaster Management continues to watch conditions closely, and I urge you to do the same.

I also hope that you would join me in prayers for a speedy recovery to those of our Caribbean neighbours who were hit hard by Hurricane Tammy. In particular, those on the island of Barbuda saw wind gusts of 110 miles per hour.

Although there may be more action yet to take, I hope you feel proud of the efforts we have all taken to be ready for Hurricane Tammy so far. I appreciate you all.

Let us continue to be vigilant in the days ahead!

Thank you.