How to participate in ShakeOut in 5 easy steps

How to participate in ShakeOut in 5 easy steps

October 6, 2023274Views
  1. Register at
  2. On ShakeOut day, October 19, 2023, at 10:19 a.m., practise the safer earthquake response together with your family or organisation.
  • DROP where you are, onto your hands and knees. This position protects you from being knocked down, protects vital organs, and allows you to stay low to crawl to shelter if nearby.
  • COVER your head and neck with one arm and hand. If a sturdy table or desk is nearby, crawl underneath it for shelter. If no shelter is nearby, crawl toward an interior wall away from windows.
  • HOLD ON until shaking stops. If you are under shelter, hold it with one hand and move with your shelter if it shifts. If you are not under shelter, hold on to your head and neck with both arms and hands.
  • 3. After one minute, you’re done! Or, you can level up your exercise by reviewing emergency procedures and practising them together, updating your earthquake plan, or taking steps to earthquake-proof your home or office.

    4. Reflect on improvements you can make to your plans now that you’ve practised. You can also share feedback with us at 468-4200 or [email protected]

    5. Finally, we’d love to see your photos and videos on social media, so please share them and tag @BVIDDM or use the hashtag #BVIShakeOut