St.Vincent La Soufrière Volcano Update (9a.m)

St.Vincent La Soufrière Volcano Update (9a.m)

April 10, 20211350Views

La Soufrière scientific update- April 10th 2021 9:00 AM

-The tremor generated by energetic venting of La Soufrière, St Vincent continued overnight.

-The size of the tremor peaked between 8 pm and midnight on 9 April and slowly declined over the next few hours.

-There were some periods of increased amplitude (size) during the decline, associated with pulses in the ash venting.

-A small number of volcano-tectonic, long-period and hybrid earthquakes have been recorded during the tremor.

-Audible rumblings accompanied by ash venting occurred throughout most of the night with ashfall reported throughout St. Vincent and some areas in Barbados.

-The volcano has entered an explosive eruptive phase that may continue over the next few days and weeks. Explosions are expected to be of similar or larger magnitude.

Posted by: UWI Seismic Research Centre