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15th June 2010 – At 8:00 AM Tropical Disturbance 10 was located 12.4N/43.4W or about 1080 miles east of Barbados. Movement is to the west-northwest at about 15 mph. Maximum sustained winds are 20 to 30 mph, mainly to the northeast of the center.

Showers and thunderstorms associated with the low pressure area located about 1100 miles east of the Lesser Antilles have become limited this morning.  Environmental conditions are expected to become less favorable for tropical cyclone formation during the next day or so.  

According to forecasters Tropical Disturbance 10 will continue towards the west-northwest for the next two days and then toward the west beyond that. On this track, the system would be very near the Lesser Antilles on Friday.  By Saturday, it would be south of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The dry air that is affecting the system is preventing convection from concentrating near the center of the system, despite an overall improvement in its structure.  There is a 30 – 40 percent chance that this system could become a tropical depression over the next 48 hours 

In light of the Disturbance developing in the Atlantic and the heightened 2010 predictions, residents are being strongly urged to commence preparations that will last throughout the 6 months of the Hurricane Season. There are a number of actions that persons should always consider at this time of the year. These include stocking up on essential non-perishable items, updating your supply of prescription medication, inspecting homes and businesses, securing personal items and important documents, knowing the locations of Emergency Shelters in your area should the need arise, , finalizing the Family/Business Disaster Plan(s), verifying your insurance coverage, trimming trees, removing debris and ensuring that items are not blocking natural waterways, such as ghuts. Persons who wish to obtain details on hurricane preparedness activities are asked to contact the DDM or visit our website at The DDM launched its 2010 Hurricane Campaign on June 1st, which included a message from the Governor,  a number of Public Service Announcements, newspaper articles and radio and television programmes. It is important that residents pay close attention to these messages.

The DDM will continue to monitor the progress of Tropical Disturbance Number 10 and will provide further updates as necessary.